Bristol, UK

About Bristol

Cafes and Restaurants

Gloucester Road in Bishopston –

Family Friendly pubs:

  • The Royal Oak
  • Tinto lounge

Coffee Shops:

  • Grounded
  • Lashings
  • Boston tea party

Play Cafe’s:

  • Kudocan,
  • Rimandos
  • Portico play


Others include The Eastfield in Henleaze, Gloucester Old Spot on Kellaway Avenue, Groupo Lounge in Westbury.

Things to do

We have no current information on this yet.

Places to explore

We have no current information on this yet.


Westbury, Redland, Bishopston are all lovely places to live with families. Lots of parks, playgroups and good primary schools around these areas.

Clifton is beautiful and close to the hospital.

General UK advice

Rental properties

For rental properties, see You will get a rough idea about price. Relocating Doctors UK offers rental properties aimed directly at medical families.


Utilities are not included. Google www.uswitch.comor or for price comparison for utilities, phone and internet prices.

Council Tax

You need to register for council tax. It varies depending on the price of the property. Make sure you specify, not to show ex council properties or one near council houses.


Anything you buy there is, the price you see is the price you pay( taxes are included in the price tag).


Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrison, Asda are all your supermarket choice. For shopping, we go to town centre or out of town shopping centres. Asda is Walmart in the uk. Sainsbury is the more reasonable for groceries but for us marks and Spencer and waitrose were more convenient. M&S was the highest priced and also carried department store items.

Drivers license

If you arrive fresh off the plane and only plan to visit then you’re all set. Providing you are carrying a full and valid licence (no probationary licences) then you are allowed go driving in the UK for up to 12 months from when you entered the country. Nice and simple without needing to carry international drivers permits and so forth.